Our Services

At J.F. Brown Financial Services, we provide a range of fee-based options for our clients. Financial and investment counseling can be provided on an hourly fee basis or project fee basis for clients preferring that option. Other options include, direct portfolio management for an annual fee or contractual agreements with outstanding third party money managers for an annual fee. In addition, specific, impartial employee financial education is available to businesses on an hourly or retainer basis. This education includes an employee "financial checklist" and investment advice that helps employees to properly diversify their investments within their employee sponsored retirement plan.

Centaurus Financial Inc. is a full service investment firm specializing in helping families accomplish their long-term financial goals. From small business retirement plans to Roth IRA's and 529 college savings plans, Centaurus Financial, Inc. has multiple options for investors. With patience and discipline, financial dreams can be realized. Remember, it's time in the market not timing the market that will make you a successful investor.

J. F. Brown Financial Services provides term life insurance and long-term care insurance when appropriate.